Verlina - Paige's Pocket Tee


-Sizes come in S M L XL XXL XXXL
-Please see our size chart at the bottom for your desired fit
-Shirt is cotton and the pocket material is still a mystery to me...
-pocket size is 4x5 inches
-no tags on the back of the shirt! YAY no itching!
-Crew Neck
Keep in mind that our pockets are handmade, so every pocket is unique and the positioning of the print design may be different on every pocket! Also your pocket will have a "Paige's Pocket" tag attached to the top left hand corner.
Size Chart:
(S) BODY LENGTH 27.5 inches BODY WIDTH 18 inches SLEEVE LENGTH 8 inches
(M) BODY LENGTH 28.5 inches BODY WIDTH 20 inches SLEEVE LENGTH 8 inches
(L) BODY LENGTH 29.5 inches BODY WIDTH 22 inches SLEEVE LENGTH 8.25 inches
(XL) BODY LENGTH 30.5 inches BODY WIDTH 24 inches SLEEVE LENGTH 8.5 inches